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Gastro Master Web Shop and iOS & Android Mobiles Apps has many advantages and all necessary functions to receive orders online with out paying 0% commission.

Customizing Delivery Card

Craeting and customizing of any kind Menu items and adding unlimited extra items, dresing or toppings. All price handlings are on your hand. 

Modern Order Printer

Our own modern printer helps you to get the orders in your restaurant accurately and instantly. No Fax, No E-Mails any more. 

Payment Method

You can decide which payment method you prefered. You can accept Cash, Credit Card, EC and PayPal.

Own Customer Database

Your customers are yours. You can create your own custiomer base and the data will not be share with your competitors. 

Special Discount & Vouchers

You can add different discounts for different days and time slots, even you can fix discount for special menus and limited for menu counts.

Social Network

We integrate webshop on all different social media channels. You can win more and more customers through all these channels. 

Our Advantages

We are in the restaurant industry for last 7 years and support thousand of customers for their success businesses. 100% transparent and speedy service takes your online delivery business in to next level with full of new technology.


Nowadys every single person has a smartphone and they use them very often. Once you think to put your restaurant online and design mobile applications, did you get a huge amount money for these developments. 

No worries, That's why Gastro Master is there. You are paying nothing as a investment. With in a week your online food store and mobiles apps are live. Do not worry about any technical things, we take care all and you and your custoemrs are fully connected through our system.

So finaly you can concentrate on your business and preapir delciouse foods for your best custoemrs. 


Gatsro Master comes with a Webshop and iOs & Android mobile apps. Webshop has a backend control panel wich you can add, edit and delete your menu items. It is very easy to add your menu items and any kind of extra items. 

All three systems are connnected each other and Gatsro Master print device get your orders to your restaurant. You can contro your restaurant open and closed function through print device. 

Gatsro master app helps your customers to send your table resevation requests. 


Within few month, you will generate your own customer base. No competitors and no competition and your customers are in your hand. You will have all information about your day to day customers and we will never share your customer information with a third party. 

Imagine you have open a new restaurant, share your new restaurant information with your all customers by one click. Even when you have special offers, it is very simple and easy to inform your best customers. 


May be you are almost getting many regular orders from big online food ordering portals. In portals you have a lot of competitors and hard to maintain your place in the list.

Even some restaurants are paying money and putting advertiesments. With Gatsro master you have no competitor headache. You are the boss of your online portal. 

FAQ Quick Answers

Here we have listed some frequently asked questions from our previous users. May be these answers are not sufficient for your question. Don't worry contact us through our contact channels. Our team is always ready to help you!!

App layout
How much money should I have to start?

Nothing, You just have to sign the contract, which can terminate any time. You only need to send all the necessary information to our team. Our team will collect your information or you can send by e-mail.

How long will it take to go live?
What information needs to start?
I have already Webshop, needs Mobile application. Is it work?
Do I need computer knowledge or employee to handle this?
I don’t like the system anymore what should I do?

Our Success

During this 8 years time, we are so grateful to help restaurants around the world to be independent from big food ordering portals and start their own online ordering systems. It is our grate pleasure to bring your business to next level with the best technology.

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Visit Our Demo Shop and Download Demo Mobile Apps

Of cause you would definitely like to see how the system works. We have setup our demo Webshop and mobiles application. Feel free to use them and have a realtime experience as your restaurant.

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